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  • Special needs children range from children who have mental disabilities, to personality disabilities, to higher level physically disabled children. One common thread with all of these groups is that they normally don’t get enough attention and what little attention they do get is somewhat negative or forced at the very least. Well, a California martial […]

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  • Should You Enroll Your Child In A More Advanced Martial Arts Class?

    If you’re planning to enroll your child in advanced martial arts classes, be sure to consider your decision carefully. Advanced martial arts training are definitely more challenging than basic classes, but they also have other challenges that you may not be aware of. So if your child is interested in more advanced martial arts then […]

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  • The True Value Of Kids Martial Arts After & Before School  Programs…

    Often, parents wonder whether or not various after school programs are actually worth the money. This is mainly because there’s still a large amount of hassle that goes along with these programs the vast majority of the time. Ideally, your child would be getting some sort of educational value while, at the same time, you […]

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  • Here Are The Pros & Cons Of Children Training In Martial Arts

    Martial arts is a sport just like any other. As a result of this, it has its good side and its bad side. For parents who want to enroll their children, this article is for you. This is because it focuses on the pros and cons of this program. It, therefore, makes you have an […]

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  • How Do Martial Arts Benefit The Social Development Of Children?

    One of the most important aspects when it comes to the healthy development of child’s personality is socializing, a process that can be essential during adolescence and arguably throughout one’s life. It is a process that begins during the first steps of one’s journey through human society, and a journey that is largely shaped by […]

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  • How Martial Arts Can Help Your Child Stop Their Bullies

    Bullying is a serious problem for many kids out there. The biggest issue being that you can’t always be there to help your child yourself. So, the question becomes how can they help themselves? One possible solution is martial arts. The best idea is to find a martial arts class with specific anti-bullying instruction because […]

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  • Impacts of Martial Arts on Children with Disabilities

    Children are a blessing. And blessings should be treasured. Blessings come differently to different people, and sometimes children come with disabilities. In this scenario, as a parent, you want the best for your child, so you embark on a search for different ways to improve the life of your child. If you haven’t found what […]

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  • Newest Trends in Kids’ Martial Arts

    Your 8-year-old, in one swift move and a shout, karate chops a piece of wood in half. Impressive, right? Uh, yeah, and not just physically; it’s psychologically impressive, as well! Your child has learned at the age of 8 what many adults don’t know: that mental blocks and barriers can prevent you from setting and […]

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